System Solutions


A systems approach.  For many on the farm, this is a way of life.  One action builds on the last. Only when each step is complete will the next step be able to realize its full potential.

As we look at the landscape of UAV providers in agriculture, it is obvious that no one else shares this same philosophy.  Groups want to sell sensors that do not integrate with anything, tout entry level UAVs that are not capable of doing the job, and have zero understanding of the work flow on a farm or commercial level to make any aerial image able to be analyzed, let alone use it to make a VRT prescription.  As growers ourselves, we understand this need and have built industry-leading tools to provide relevant solutions. We are aware of the confusion in the UAV industry and understand how this can lead to poor consumer results. And we want to help.

We have created a very simple chart to describe each step of our
process and mark our products based on their capabilities.

fly_rotateEach UAV that we sell flies under the most extreme conditions found in the field.  Depending if it is commercial or hobby grade, flight-time, the amount of wind, range and autonomous capabilities will vary.  Look for the “highlighted” FLY leaf to see if the UAV that you are interest in is Crop Copter approved and worthy of a flight within your field or farm.  Each ship has been flown by one of our technicians, ensuring all firmware updates have been made and each product is complete.  Our UAV kits include every item that you need to ensure your UAV operates safely, and you have all the tools for proper charging and maintenance.
senseIn order to build sustainable ROI on your farm with a UAV, sensors collecting vegetative health are essential.  Only certain UAVs meet the appropriate recommendations to carry these sensors.  Data collecting UAVs will be built out of higher grade materials and have longer flight time.  There are very few NDVI sensors available that collect accurate, absolute Red NDVI spatial information.  Crop Copter UAVs capable of carrying our EZ Health NDVI payload will be marked with the “highlighted” SENSE leaf.  EZ Health products will also be marked, focusing on the unique capabilities available within that product family.

analyze_rotateOnce sensor data is collected from your UAV, what do you do with it?  The standard in the industry is to send it off to be stitched into an orthomosaic image for a fee, then paying additional dollars to get that data in a usable form.  At Crop Copter we believe your data is your data and provide our users with EZ Health software capable of processing images with industry leading speed and accuracy.  Geo-referenced images are grouped and processed and able to be uploaded into Sky Farm farm management software.  This exclusive software from Crop Copter makes storing current and past information a breeze.  Look for the “highlighted” ANALYZE leaf to show capable products in our lineup.
applyData has been collected and analyzed through an autonomous UAV flight.  No other UAV company has their own software that allows VRT prescriptions to be made and exported to all the industry leading rate controllers.  Sky Farm by Crop Copter not only allows for your data’s storage but is capable to be shared with SMS, SST, Pix4D, 360 YieldCenter, Climate, Encira, R7 and Farm Works.  With Crop Copter’s exclusive relationship with Agrible and Drone Plan, watch your data and prescriptions come to life with real time modeling.  Look for the “highlighted” APPLY leaf to complete Crop Copter’s System Solutions.