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EZ Health Tool Software User Manual


Looking for a complete NDVI capable system, capturing absolute, red NDVI images that are spatially accurate? EZ Health by Crop Copter offers 5.4 cm resolution images, geo-referenced and complete stitched with proprietary software. This complete system includes software, updates and its own external GPS. Never again will you have to export or upload your information to a 3rd party to be processed or evaluated. Save money and save time with the only system that can go from flight to finished stitched orthomosaic in 30 minutes or less. EZ Health is capable of clipping field boundaries, creating a shape file, exporting to all precision ag software platforms, measurement, polygon functionality and acre segmentation. The only complete, accurate, multi-spectrum camera system on the market is your only ROI building sensor choice. Make monitoring your field’s health easy. Choose EZ Health and get results.

Download Technical Sheet